Vayu Sense

Robust and cost-efficient sensing

Using 7D plenoptic imaging, Vayu Sense is more robust than a typical RGB camera, capturing information about the light emanating from a scene by probing multiple dimensions of the photon – allowing Vayu Sense to go beyond any other sensing technologies today.

Principle of operation

Vayu Drive is a transferable autonomy stack that can adapt across different domains. By using a sim-first approach, Vayu Drive allows for representation learning, robust behavior planning and a fast iteration cycle. Only 100 hours of real-world data collection enables Vayu Drive to work across multiple operational domains, making it an ideal solution for a diverse set of industries and applications.

The best point cloud at the lowest cost

Not only is the cost of Vayu Sense the same as a typical camera, but the capabilities are better than even the best, most expensive lidar sensors on the market.

Vayu Sense vs. Camera

Depth at every pixel

Better depth accuracy

Derived velocity at every pixel

Performance in adverse weather

Better low-light performance

Higher dynamic range

Vayu Sense vs. Lidar

10x angular resolution

2x frame rate

50x lower cost

Higher reliability

5x lower power consumption

Ability to detect low SNR objects