About Vayu

Our Vision

A new wave of intelligent systems to advance safe and sustainable human productivity.

Our Mission

Build the foundation model for robotics – the next generation of AI to power perception and motion.

About Us

The Sanskrit word “vayu” signifies the intelligence that enables all motion in the universe and all movement of energy. Inspired by this concept, Vayu strives to be the intelligence that will enable autonomous mobile robots to move through the world – the foundation model for every moving machine.

Vayu Robotics is a team of engineers, technologists and business leaders with decades of industry experience developing and commercializing cutting-edge automotive sensing, autonomous vehicles and robotics technology. Vayu’s founders have backgrounds that enable a new “nervous system” approach to robotics that will bring about the next wave of autonomous mobility.  Through their diverse experience in autonomous technology development, all three co-founders have seen what works and, in turn, what doesn’t. Their combined knowledge of production and operations, hardware and sensors, and machine learning and AI will be the key to democratizing robotics for widespread adoption.

The Vayu team is made up of skilled engineers who have experience working in autonomous technology programs at cutting-edge companies such as Lyft, Apple, Google and Facebook. The Vayu team is committed to the common goal of a more sustainable and connected world.