Vayu Robotics, an AI company providing high-quality, low-cost robotics solutions, today announced that Geoffrey Hinton, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, has joined the advisory board for Vayu. A pioneer in the field, Dr. Hinton’s work developing artificial neural networks and deep learning techniques have made him one of the most influential scientists in AI. Vayu Robotics co-founder Nitish Srivastava was a doctoral student of Dr. Hinton’s at the University of Toronto and has maintained a relationship with Dr. Hinton since that time. In addition to a career in academia, Dr. Hinton worked at Google for ten years as a VP and Engineering Fellow, and has most recently been a strong voice for looking at the risks of advanced AI on society as well as its enormous potential benefits.

“Since leaving Google, I have received many requests to join the advisory boards of start-ups and, until now, I have declined them all,” said Dr. Hinton. “I have decided to join the advisory board of Vayu Robotics as I see great potential in their use of AI for robotics utilizing a co-engineered approach with machine learning and vision sensors. I am looking forward to once again working with Nitish Srivastava and guiding the Vayu team’s growth. I believe that Vayu’s technology will enable safe and eco-friendly solutions with far fewer ethical problems than many other AI applications.”

“I am eager to once again work with Dr. Hinton on a regular basis,” said Nitish Srivastava, CTO at Vayu Robotics. “Under Dr. Hinton’s tutelage, I not only learned first-hand from one of the greatest minds in machine learning, but I was inspired by his strong ethical drive, which guides my decisions to this day.”

“Vayu Robotics is beyond fortunate to have Geoffrey Hinton joining our team as a member of our advisory board,” said Anand Gopalan, CEO at Vayu Robotics. “At Vayu, we are working not only to build the next wave of robotics technology in a novel way, but we also want to create a company that values human ingenuity and relationships. Dr. Hinton is the perfect guide for that path.”

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Vayu Robotics is an AI company driven by the belief that the next wave of robotics solutions can be low cost, environmentally sustainable and inherently scalable. Vayu envisions a world where a new wave of intelligent systems will advance safe and sustainable human productivity. Vayu is building the foundation model for robotics – the next generation of AI to power perception and motion. Vayu’s team of engineers, technologists and business leaders come with decades of experience that bring together the best in machine learning, sensing and production, enabling the development of technology that will democratize robotics for widespread adoption. 

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